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Podficcing The Dead Isle
dirtydirtychai wrote in deadislepodfic

Hi all~ 

So, copperbadge's The Dead Isle

I loved reading it the first time, loved it even more the second time, and I even broke out of my chronic lurking habit to participate a little in the editing for self-pub process, such was my love of this book. It's become one of my comfort reads, and I am super excited about it being available soon in actual book form. 

But sometimes, I like to listen to my books. Especially my comfort reads. There are certain audiobooks and podfics of fandom favorites that I always turn on when I have a project to work on (like FayJay's The Student Prince [podfic here]).

I was painting the other day, as you do, and scrolling through the audiobooks in my iTunes playlist and, while in the mood for a little steampunk adventuring, I settled instead on Neil Gaiman's American Gods, the 10th anniversary full cast version.

Too bad there's no podfic of The Dead Isle yet, I thought.

Wow, this full cast version of American Gods, with the different actors doing the accents and all, is really neat, I thought. 

It sure would be cool if there was a podfic of The Dead Isle with a full cast, doing the different accents, I thought. American. Australian. English. Purva's blended accents... wonder what that would sound like. Accents from all over the world. Like the café. 

And then I emailed Sam, becase the idea of a podfic where I could hear little samples of the voices of the café from all over the world was too much to leave abandoned in fantasy land. 

As Sam pointed out when I first pitched the idea to him, this is a really, really big book. If we go through with this project, we will need all hands on deck. It's a super big project, and it won't be completed any time soon. It will definitely be a labor of love - but IMO, it will totally be worth the trouble. 

This can go two ways. Well. This might go one of these two ways.

1) We could do something like switching off between chapters, or between points of view and passages, but the reader does the dialogue for that passage. For example: one reader could do just the Geppetto passage at the beginning of chapter 4, and another could do the rest of the chapter - there would be no switching off at dialogue lines for the reader acting as Jack or Claire or Ellis, the same reader would do all the dialogue until the end of their passage/chapter. 

2) My favorite - the full cast recording. If we get enough male-sounding voices and Aussies/people who are willing to give an Aussie accent a go, then we might very well attempt the full cast recording. There will be lots of bit parts, so if you don't want to commit to a really big part, you could read just a few lines of dialogue for the minor parts. Off the top of my head, there's Sir William, the Divine Father at the London Temple, the Father LaRoche readings, Nicholas, Gregory's sister and brother-in-law, the random crewmen on the ship, random Australians, Saturday, William, random Tribals on the Res, and many more. All you'd have to do is read your lines, send them in, and wait for that chapter to be released! 

Of course, that would also mean a rather large committment on the parts of the people doing the primary characters' voices, but it's not as if we're running on a deadline or something. We can take as much time as we need. I figure we can still trade off narration between chapters - get as many people involved as we'd like, that way, for people who want to read but don't want to be a character.

We would also need a number of people to work on compiling all these little sound bites together - or even just to offer advice, if you have experience but don't want to get too involved. If we get enough people, we could even divide up the chapters between groups and, once the primary characters' dialogues have been sent out, then each group could work on their chapters individually, at their own pace. Does that make sense?

So this is me, sounding out the café to figure out how much interest there is in participating. Want to try out that American/Australian/British/German/other accent on a project where, if you mangle it, no one has to ever know it's you? Want to be the voice of Ellis Graveworthy? Would you like to offer us some advice? Do you have audio editing ninja skills? Know about a program/website/thingie that will make this easier for us?

Please comment and let me know if you'd like to participate, in what capacity, and how to contact you. 
FB Group: Copperbadge Cafe
The Dead Isle Podfic LJ Comm:

ETA: now also with Dreamwidth:

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Yep yep. I'd like to read stuff out loud! Maybe even in some kind of non-American accent! I've done posh English and Austrian ones before, so I should be okay with those, or if you want to give me something crazy like Purva, I could roll with it, or I could just narrate or something.

I'm happy to help - My voice is a lower register Female, and I can do city or country Aussie accents.

...grab me through LJ, or my email -

I'd love to participate!

What I'm good for:
- female voice, light to no accent English
- well-paced narrator/reading voice
- willing to learn sound editing
- good at giving articulate, concise feedback & picking out bloopers

What I'd need help with:
- learning how to do sound editing (I have minor experience with Garageband only so far)
- setting up a recording space & making the best use of my new shiny Zoom H2 -- I've been having trouble getting it to record at a proper volume without picking up artifacts

Also, if it's not too much trouble, might I request that you mirror this comm on Dreamwidth? I know of people who would probably love to participate but have moved off LJ entirely. If you set up a 'deadislepodfic' comm there, it's possible to import all the posts and comments here on LJ to date and then automatically crosspost future entries to both sites.

Will do! I'm having some issues setting up the comm at Dreamwidth, but I've sent in a support request and will hopefully get a response soon. I'll edit the post above with the DW acct when it's up. :D

Do you have a Dreamwidth account? I might be able to help. (I go by jjhunter there.)

I just created a dirtydirtychai acct at dreamwidth, and it looks like I made the deadislepodfic a personal account instead of a comm. According to the FAQ, it should be a simple matter to convert deadislepodfic to a community from a personal account, but it's not working for me.

Hm. Try again - I had some spare DW points from winning a contest earlier in the summer, and just upped deadislepodfic to a paid account. If that doesn't work, let me know & I'll bug a friend of mine who volunteers in support to take a look.

Thanks for your help! It's still not letting me convert, though it looks like maybe the FAQ is just incorrect on that point. I could easily just delete the account and do it again as a comm, but my concern is the 30 day restore period - does that mean that I would have to wait 30 days to be able to change it to a comm?

Not sure, but my recommendation would be to sit tight for a few hours & give Support a chance to answer your support ticket - they really are very good about quick turnaround on the easier requests, and considering that the point bounty for answering your question was '1' as opposed to '4' or '10', that means whoever initially processed your ticket considers it an easy one to resolve.

ETA: ahahaha okay, I was entirely wrong on how the points system works, but on the plus side, your ticket has already been answered!

Edited at 2012-08-27 05:04 pm (UTC)

And there we go! You should have an email in your inbox answering your support ticket; alternately, just go to the ticket url here to see the answer from 'ninetydegrees'.

(My understanding of the points bounty was off - apparently it just refers to how long the ticket has been unanswered, not how difficult someone thinks it might be to answer it.)

Thanks so much! I don't actually use journals (LJ or DW) all that often, so I'm pretty much new to all of this admin-y stuff. ^^ Any and all help is welcome and accepted with gratitude! The comm is up now, I believe. Now, let's see if I can successfully import from here. Fingers crossed~

Hey, I'd love to be involved in this. It sounds like a fantastic project.

I can offer myself as a reader. I'm female with what is traditionally known as an Recieved Pronunciation English accent. (I could possibly soften it to a more London style accent should it be needed.) Can't remember exact details at the moment but I'm sure that there must have been some English females at some point in the book! :-)

I've had experience with recording audio books before in a professional ish and personal capacity so would be happy to help with more narratory bits as well should you choose to go down that route.

I would love to participate. I haven't recorded any podfics yet, but I have several years of radio announcing (local NPR affiliates) in my background. I have already professed a desire to record Dead Isle (albeit without accents) so this is an obvious YES for me!

Female, lower register voice
Steady Midwestern-American non-accent

What a great (and ambitious) idea!

I'm in! This sounds awesome.

New England/standard American
No experience recording

I'd love to participate. I'm a female American with a pretty neutral radio accent in the mezzo range, and am passable at mimicking other accents with practice. I'd be happy to narrate some, or do a bit part, but I don't think I have the right voice for a main character, if those have yet to be cast. I can be reached here on lj or via e-mail: melayneseahawk[at]gmail[dot]com.

I'd love to help. I'm male, just about to hit 26, but I'm pretty sure I could pass younger on tape since my polite phone register gets ma'am'd semi-frequently.

My accent is mostly CNN-American/Ohio-Midwest, but I do fair at mimicking and can also definitely drop the bits of non-Midwest my accent has picked up.

So what I'm saying is that I'm open to taking a stab at Jack, (especially since that means my Australian would only need to be mostly passable, not near-perfect) but I'd be happy with any part, really.

Thing is, my recording setup is... I have a netbook. And a mic-inna-headphone-cord that probably isn't any/much better than the crappy netbook mic. But I am not a sound person, so maybe those are fine! idk

This sounds an excellent plan!

I'd like to offer my services on sound editing front. I'm a sound editor/designer in meatspace with some radio production experience too...(I've done a wee bit of radio drama but not since uni)

Hi! I'd like to help out with this podcast by reading a bit, if that's possible! I can't say that I'll have a lot of time, but I could certainly try to read for a bit part? c:

I am an American voice actor (in 19 Nocturne Boulevard, an online radio drama, and Warp'd Space), and I would love to get involved in this! I have the tools and the time to provide some fairly reliable recordings. I do accents! I'd have to work on an Australian one, though. I could be a a main character, or I could be a more minor character. I can also volunteer my boyfriend (Yay, male voices!) as a very good voice actor himself, young, American. He's even from the east coast, although we both have neutral west coast American accents.

I'm happy to help you with a few Aussie accents if you want??
I'm also ozisim on Skype

That would be completely amazing! I'm Beverly on Skype, and I am going to add you. Right now my computer is on the fritz (actually, the power cord is), so I am rarely on a computer with Skype, but this should be fixed soon.

Also, would you mind if I friended your lj?

Yeh, no worries.

I'm on GMT, but home through the day at the moment. Hopefully that will change soon!

Oh, and I speak some french!

Ooh, sounds cool, I'd love to do a reading part. I'm a mid-range female, American accent with no particular regional indicators.

I'd love to help out! No official voice-acting experience, but lots of stage acting and public speaking experience, so I'm good at enunciating.

Female, with a higher-pitched voice in general, though my professional/phone voice is a bit deeper. My native accent is a mix of Philadelphia and North Jersey, but I can do "newcaster" easily, as well as New Engand. I could probably pull off a British accent, but my Australian accent is pretty terrible. I'm happy to do narration and/or fill in bit parts as necessary.

Hi! I would love to be involved! I'm not very good at all the tech stuff, but I could definitely be a voice. I'm American and can do an alright British accent.
You can get a hold of me here or on the facebook group (I believe I replied there, name's Ruby) or at

I would LOVE to be involved in this. It's a brilliant idea! I've adore The Dead Isle since back when it was being written! I've got some acting experience, though not voice over acting in particular, though I've done a LOT of reading allowed -- I read Harry Potter I through VII to children. I would love to narrate or read dialogue for any character(s)!

You can email me at emilyannegibson (at) I can send some voice-recordings when you are looking at "casting" the audiobook.

(Incidentally I can never get to the Cafe Facebook and that link isn't

My voice:

- moderate register female
- American and British dialects, also decent at learning new ones

Edited at 2012-08-28 12:46 am (UTC)

Sorry that you're having trouble finding the FB page! I've messaged you over on FB.

I'd love to be involved in this! I've got some minor experience editing with Audacity, but would be delighted at a chance to learn more through practice. I'd also like to do at least a bit part of the recording--I've got an American (Midwest/Oklahoma) female accent.

Hi, I'd like to get involved. I'm Australian (female, broad vocal range) but my accent tends to be a bit of a chameleon between Standard TV American, Australian of the RP and "broad" varieties, Russian and a couple types of British. Still, given this is the sort of thing you can do multiple takes for, I'm sure I can prod it into something consistent for long enough. I have a basic microphone and Audacity. Willing to do whatever.

Have you had any Australians of Aboriginal descent contact you regarding those parts? Obviously you can't tell from listening but it would still be nice to get decent representation. They can also have a slight pronunciation variant that you might want to replicate in the characters from the Res - obviously William would have an RP at least while he's in the Library.

Co-signed on the pronunciation variant in Indigenous Australian accents. It's by no means a uniform variant (no one's is, regardless of heritage/descent) but it is audible to Australian ears, generally. Probably not so much to international hearers.

I agree, it would be lovely to have some Indigenous Australian representation in the project. We have a couple of Australians on board, I believe, and if they are of Aboriginal descent, they haven't mentioned it.

Sorry. Our mob was from North NSW, but most Aboriginals have all been displaced through various Government Initiatives over the last 200 years. Regional dialects are lost, and any influence they have over accents gone.
Accents vary depending on region. And I can't do NT or Qld Aboriginal accent without sounding like I'm having a go. I'm uncomfortable with that, but will be happy to "skip-pick" anything that other people do.

I can really only do East Coast:
City - Melbourne, Western Sydney, Sydney North Shore
Country - NSW Central Coast, generic rural NSW, generic rural Qld

Seriously though, only Aussies are going to be able to pick the difference, so I split into city/country. (Most people can hear difference between the accents of Russel Crowe (NZ till he was 4, then Sydney) and Steve Irwin (Sydney then moved to Qld as a kid), but not necessarily tell that Jason Donovan is from Melbourne, and Ian Thorpe is from Sydney)

Yeah, I reckon city/country will probably be enough - I mean, we're already ahead of the curve in having actual Australians :P

Well, I've asked an Aboriginal friend if she's interested or knows someone who might be. Maybe the other Aussies should do the same; probably can't rely on there happening to be enough Aboriginal people who read Sam's work already, given there's presumably a fairly small percentage of readers who want to/can participate.

I am Australian and I'd love to have a go! My accent is actually slightly Canadian, but only on some words and only sometimes - my mum's Canadian, you see.

- Female Australian (alto singing voice, no idea about speaking voice)
- Educated Australian accent, eastern seaboard
- good at picking out bloopers
- no idea about sound editing but willing to learn
- would rather have a small part than a large one

I hope this helps!

I'd be totally in.
I don't exactly know how to define my voice, so we'll go with 'female'. Although I could probably manage a lighter-voiced bloke. Or other things.

For accent, um. Theoretically any.


(Tell me what a part is, what the voice's accent is, as I've been actually saving my Dead-Isle reading for the very end when I can buy it and go EEEEE, and I can just about give anything a go).

(Deleted comment)
Where's the subthread?
Why it's RIGHT HERE, of course!

And frankly, I concur. I often wish I could hear authors read their own books, so they can really get across the character as-the-author-sees-it. Not to mention, playing one's own alter-ego? Eeee!

Well, HEAR HEAR!! In spades! That was my very first thought on reading this post. OF COURSE Sam should read Ellis ... although I strongly suspect he'll refuse. ;-(

Lol, Sam has declined to lend his voice to the project, though he is "tickled by the idea."

I would provisionally be in on this - I've done a couple of podfics before; I'm on my fruitphone so can't give you links easily but if you go to Jinjurly's site and look for busaikko's 'Ulterior Designing', that's what I sound like. Basically, English (UK), female, moderate Midlands/Northern accent, though I can push it towards a bit more like RP-ish too. I did that on a cheap mike/headphone thingy using Audacity, but that was on the last-but-one PC, I think, and I haven't tried it on the current machine.

And I am heartily behind the idea of Sam reading Ellis.

ETA: And back on the laptop, now I'm up (!), I am here, reading Ulterior Designing, and The Pet.

Edited at 2012-08-29 10:02 am (UTC)

I'm keen to lend my voice. I've not had any experience in recording but I have some experience with Audacity.

I'm a female Australian from the West coast (Perth) and I have mid range voice, although I tend to sound more british when I'm public speaking.

Ooo, ooo, I'm an Australian woman and I would totally be down for anything you need. My email is my LJ handle at gmail.

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